First time. Haha.

First time. Haha.

Everyday is a learning and chaotic experience. Aside from my usual routine, I wrote 4 telephone orders for the residents to go out on pass, respond to a STAT case that happened on the basement who’s having seizures. Good thing I brought oxygen with me. It was accompanied with the resident’s relative being agitated and requesting a temporary wheelchair for her mom. It’s been 30 mins. since we were looking for a wheelchair ‘til we found the supervisor and the housekeeping guy that I fought awhile ago for not listening to what I am saying. Eventually, I made an apology to him. And last but not the least, we have a resident who is somewhat agitated and is at risk for fall. He doesn’t want to listen to any of the staff so the supervisor made a telephone order for ativan IM and inject it to the resident. Supposedly, the LPN was the one who should inject the medication but, he passed it to the other LPN. This LPN at the end, passed the injection to me. So, I end up giving the medication by myself. While removing my gloves, I accidentally prick myself with a needle. The first thing I do was, wash my hand with soap and rush directly to the resident’s chart to see if he has any Hepa or HIV. Fortunately, the resident doesn’t have any of those mentioned above. Now, I’m in the ER to run some tests and blood works just to confirm I’m free from illnesses or infection. What a day. This is the life of a nurse. #withabadcoughandcold

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Good ‘ol days.

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Harrassment day it is. When it comes on instinct, I’m pretty sure it’s accurate. These past few days I visualized that I’ll be giving medications again together with treatments and hanging PICC line medications. And yes, it did happened. Plus, I wrote on the 24-hr report, transcribed it on nurses notes, pick up orders, faxed it to the pharmacy, updated care plan, called the doctor for a due monthly, made a telephone order and made a consult for a certain resident. Omg. Unbelievable I made it on 1 day. Thank you, Lord I surpassed it.

Let’s see what happens. Somebody needs to say something about this foolishness.

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My wedding song, in God’s time.

One of the best things to do: Travel and eat. Will continue to do these things and make it as a habit onwards. :)

One of the best things to do: Travel and eat. Will continue to do these things and make it as a habit onwards. :)